5 Gifts Other Than Money That Can Be Given To Outstanding Employees

The relationship between personal in the company is not a stagnant and one-way relationship. Employees are human beings who have feelings, boredom, and other things that can affect their work. Therefore Human Resource Management must be implemented properly so that the ability of workers can be maximized. Oh yes, because workers are human beings who have feelings, we should not treat them like robots. If you do make a mistake, the boss must be properly reprimanded. In addition, if they excel, awards must also be given.

Why Should Awards Be Given?

You may ask: why should they be rewarded when they work according to their obligations and salaries are also given properly. It is true that they get a salary and work according to the job description, but giving rewards will make them more enthusiastic.

So far, the company has not been able to develop, not because of incompetent workers. However, workers like no spark of enthusiasm. Rewards or gift will be a positive reinforcement that makes workers able to do their work optimally. Like giving a wine gift to cheer up them to happy while work.

If this reward mechanism is implemented in the company, workers will live their days with enthusiasm. They are driven to do their best and advance the company together while they appreciated with promotional gift.

Types of Rewards Other Than Money

So far, the prizes given to employees or workers are money and are directly applied to salaries. In addition to money, there are actually many attractive prizes that will motivate workers to complete tasks, here are the details.

There is an additional leave

Just being given an additional 2-3 days of leave has made employees enthusiastic. This leave can be used by employees to gather with their families. When compared to money, this extra leave looks more prestigious.

This leave can be added to the main leave or used separately. You can adjust the mechanism as long as the work in the office continues to run smoothly.

Free Vacation

One of the reasons that make employees take time off other than illness or a sudden need is vacation. By taking 3-4 days off, they can unwind for a while from the office routine.

Well, this free vacation gift will motivate many employees to work even more enthusiastically. When else can you get a free vacation from the office.

Giving Concert or Movie Tickets

Concert tickets or movie tickets for premieres is something that is hard to get for employees. Especially if the tickets are priced quite expensive.

To give a little spark of enthusiasm, companies can give free tickets to employees who have many achievements. Even without being given money, employees will be happy because the price of the ticket is quite high.

Holding a Gathering

If all the workers in the office have worked to the maximum, why not just take a vacation together. Companies can design interesting gathering events that can be attended by everyone.

This event will relax the mind for a moment from the routine. In addition, the relationship between employees can also be closer.

Given Promotion

There is nothing more expected by employees than a promotion. If the employee has high achievement and is able to do all the work properly, why not just get a promotion?

As long as there are vacant positions, promotions can be given instead of giving goods or money directly.

Let’s value our employees more. Again, they are human beings who must be treated like humans. Do this Human Resource Management properly so that relations can be maintained properly.