7 Reasons Why Madrid is a Great Travel Destination

The Spanish Capital is known for many things: nightlife, entertainment, history, and more. Madrid has it all. Madrid City has so much for you to explore. Little wonder it is highly ranked among the most visited places in Spain and Europe.

Therefore if you want to experience the rich culture of the Basque country, Madrid will certainly be the place you would want to see. However, it is advisable to begin preparing early to visit Madrid as it is a highly sought-after destination. Get a travel agency like Traventia to make things smooth.

With that said, below are some reasons to travel to Madrid.

1. Conducive Weather

The Spanish capital is known for its more often sunny nature. This makes it quite stifling in summer. However, the weather is also dry, making it cool during winter. The weather seems to hang in the balance, making it a great place to be during summer or winter.

2. The Food is Great

Spain is known for its rich culinary tastes. Some may mention Barcelona here, but Madrid is where the food is. If you want to taste the best tapas of your life, Madrid is the place. There are many places to visit in Madrid if you want to go back with some taste buds memories.

The Mercado San Miguel, the Perrachica, and the Meson Cinco Jotas, are some places you should try. The food you should try include tapas, tortilla, Spanish ham and more. You will not regret a moment.

3. The Palacio Real Is All Royalty

The Royal Palace of Madrid is unarguably one of the best sights you shouldn’t miss in Madrid. The architecture is breathtaking. And if you think the exterior is the best thing you have ever seen, wait till you see the inside. The ultra-modern designs mixed with history and culture will enthrall you.

It is not surprising to find a queue of tourists waiting to see the place. You will have to pay for a ticket to get in. Don’t worry; you won’t need to break the bank to get a pass. But whatever you pay, it is worth it.

4. Puerto Del Sol Is Spain’s Centre

Referred to as the “Gate of the Sun,” Puerto Del Sol is the meeting point in Spain. The popular square in Madrid houses the Tio Pepe sign and the ancient Post Office building. The place is known for being the meeting point of protesters and demonstrators. The ground has seen many of such from time immemorial.

5. A Place of Unmatched History

In general, Spain is known to be a country that takes pride in its history. And a city that holds an impressive hub of that aspect of the country is Madrid. You will find many buildings that hold major significance with the past. These monuments include the Almudena Cathedral, the Plaza de Cibeles, the Egyptian Temple of Debod and the Plaza Mayor.

If you are traveling to Madrid, it will be great to acquaint yourself with some of its history before entering the city. It will make your time more memorable, and you will tend to appreciate whatever you see the more.


There are other reasons why Madrid is such a great travel destination for many. If you think of affordability, the city won’t cost you much compared to other famous cities. Thus, we think you should include Madrid as a must-visit place in your list of destinations this year.