Amazing Longest Lasting Flowers

There’s nothing like a bright bouquet of flowers to add a little joy to your life and freshen up your home. Whether in your home office, living room, or lobby, beautiful flowers are one of the easiest ways to add color and spread a pleasant scent. Flowers bring mood and color to your home. No flower can last forever – at least not real flowers. However, some flowers last longer than others.

When choosing a bouquet for yourself and especially when you want to deliver to loved ones via flower delivery in Panchkula, it is important to know which flowers last the longest. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of perennial flowers. However, there are some types that tend to last longer than others. To help you assess your options, please go through a list of the most durable flowers. From orchids and carnations to sunflowers and lilies, you’re sure to find some of your favorites on our list.


These exotic flowers not only look elegant but also have an impressive lifespan. Although all orchid varieties are long-lived (up to three weeks in a vase), the cymbidium is very hardy because it is not as brittle as other varieties, so the petals are not easily damaged. Be sure to change the water and cut the stems every day or two. Whenever you see a flower fade, pluck it to restore energy to the stem.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are another great flower choice for anyone who can’t change the water frequently or doesn’t want to cut their stems. These flowers are also available in many colors and make beautiful arrangements. Consider calla lilies an excellent choice to place in your cut flower bouquets.


These clover-like flower heads are hard to beat for year-round fun. Paper flowers last a long time in the garden and make refreshing bouquets, and in winter they don’t dry out at all. Depending on the range, they can be red, pink, white, lavender, or purple. So put these flowering plants in your garden and pick flowers that bloom all year round.


Everyone loves roses and at their peak, the sweetness of its fragrance is incomparable. Although they are subtle in appearance and they are the most scented flowers, they can be quite delicate even in small quantities. Every two or three days, clean the dirt from the vase and cut the stems to keep the romance going.


Gerberas will last up to 21 days in a clean vase and prefer light conditions, including direct sunlight. When storing, please note that some gerbera species damaged by refrigerators should be stored above 4°C. This is one of the many plants that produce air pollutants such as those found in cigarette smoke, which can be removed from the closed environment.


These flowers come in stunning shades of purple and blue and will last up to 14 days as long as you take care of them properly. However, the ethylene gas can be harmful to these subtle colors. So keep them away from fresh produce.