Carpet Tiles for Your Home

Carpet tiles for your home

Over the past few years, there have been carpet tile trends in three areas of the country. First, there was carpet tile for high traffic areas such as hallways, doorways and windows in homes. Second, there was a carpet tile for basements and crawlspaces. And third, there has been carpet tile growth in all the areas of the country that are most prone to wear and tear – living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

In most homes, carpet tiles are either used as a separate covering over hardwood flooring or are installed as a part of an upgrade to a carpeted floor. Regardless of their original purpose, carpet tiles have evolved into decorative covering ensembles that can accentuate any room in the home where they are used. Here is a look at carpet tile trends for the home.

High traffic areas – such as hallways, doorways and windows are original use for carpet tiles. However, as baby boomers begin to age there is a tendency to move into these areas in search of comfortable living. Carpet tiles provide a low-maintenance, low-cost option in which to improve the appearance of an ageing home. While the colour of a carpet tile may not change much as the years go by, the pattern will continue to be the same. As the carpet becomes more worn, it will become whiter. This will continue until it is replaced with a new carpet.

The basement and crawlspace preparation – Many homeowners are choosing to install carpet tiles in their basement or crawlspace preparation areas. This is primarily due to the fact that these areas are not exposed to as much wear and tear as other areas of the house. Due to this factor, homeowners need to do an assessment of their current carpet situation. If the carpet is in decent shape but it just needs a little refresher, carpet tiles are a great option. They are also ideal for basement preparation areas because they do not absorb moisture well and must dry very quickly to prevent mould and mildew.

Garage floors – Carpet tiles are also perfect for the garage floor. If you like to keep your vehicle outside, you most likely use a mop and water to clean up spills or accidents. If you have a concrete floor, the spills can easily seep under the floor until they are picked up by a vacuum or a mop. With carpet tiles, however, you can simply roll them up and dispose of the excess material.

Carpet tiles are a good choice for the kitchen or bathroom floors because they can be machine-cleaned. This will save you from wasting hundreds of dollars on carpet cleaners each year. The reason is that they are easier to clean, even with tough stains than traditional carpets. Tiles can absorb moisture faster than any other material on the market. Because of this, you may want to consider a carpet tile over a carpet in areas where water is frequently used such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Carpet tiles are ideal in homes that have children who play on the carpet. Since carpet tiles provide more grip than other materials, accidents are less likely to happen when children are running around. The carpet tiles also protect your home from scratches that would otherwise be common with more expensive carpets. This means that carpet tiles are a good choice for those who wish to design their home without spending a lot of money on expensive carpets and padding.

When you choose carpet tiles for your home, there are dozens of styles and colours available. Before you make your selection, you should visualize what your finished room will look like. In many cases, you will need to choose a colour and style that coordinate with the rest of your home’s furnishings and decor. It is important to take into account the colours, textures, and patterns available in your home’s interior before choosing carpet tile. This way, you can ensure that your carpet tiles look the best in your home.