Credit Repair Merchant Accounts at HRMA-LLC

Credit Repair Merchant Accounts at HRMA-LLC

Credit repair is a lucrative industry and there is great potential for profits and overall growth. However, the industry is considered high-risk by most payment processors and banks. This makes it challenging for legitimate credit repair businesses to obtain credit repair merchant account. Fortunately, there are solutions available. If you are a trustworthy and legitimate credit repair business, you can easily obtain a high-risk merchant account by finding a high-risk merchant account provider, which supports credit repair merchant services.

Why Credit Repair Biz Need an HRMA-LLC Credit Repair Merchant Account?

Online purchasing has become the norm because of increased use of the internet among consumers. Credit repair services when offered online allow a company to increase its visibility and get more customers. The flexibility and convenience for the client to pay for your services online mean that you can provide your credit repair services from anywhere in the world. Since credit repair services are done via the internet, you need a HRMA-LLC Credit Repair Merchant Account to facilitate transactions. This allows you to do billing and payment processing for your services.

Challenges Facing Credit Repair Businesses:

Any business that deals with credit and loans is high risk. This is because there is uncertainty about the clients of such merchants to be able to pay on time. There are several factors that contribute to the challenges:

  • Reputation: Illegitimate credit repair businesses and unreliable customer base both increase the industry’s risk. Such reputation discourages traditional payment processors and banks from working with credit repair companies.

  • Large Ticket Transactions: Credit repair services are relatively costly. Not to mention subscription-based processing can further increase the risk level of these high-cost payments in case of a dispute.

  • Fraud: Clients with bad intentions target risky businesses and take advantage of them with fraud. A high-risk credit repair merchant that has no proper protection and prevention tools makes them vulnerable to fraudulent charges.

  • Chargebacks: Dissatisfied clients can charge dispute against credit repair merchants for unfair reasons. Instead of continuing payments, they can have their bank stop the payments. This adds to the uncertainly that credit repair companies typically face.

Why Choose HRMA-LLC?

Traditional financial institutions, banks, and even a majority of standard merchant account providers see the credit repair and restoration businesses as high risk. If you want to accept and process card payments from your clients who wish to avail your services, you will need to find a high-risk merchant account provider that specializes in your industry.

HRMA-LLC offers reliable merchant account services for all sectors, including credit repair. We have a clear understanding of credit repair business models and how they must operate to get the desired payment processing solutions. Our high-risk merchant accounts include everything that credit repair companies need to process. Processing includes credit and debit card processing, payment gateways, check processing (ACH), and chargeback mitigation and fraud prevention services. Here are some of our key advantages:

  • We Get You Approved: Our strong relationships with processors and banks ensure a very high approval rate. With us, you can have peace of mind that we will take care of everything.

  • We Get You Setup, Fast: With gateway integration, we can offer same day approvals and allow you to process payments faster without any waiting period.

  • We Prevent Fraud and Minimize Your Chargebacks: We have the best fraud prevention and chargeback mitigation tools. With them, you don’t have to worry about these headaches and you can focus only on your business.

Credit Repair Merchants We Approve:

At HRMA-LLC, we have a high credit repair merchant account approval rate. If you offer a legitimate service, you can expect to get approved fast and start accepting card and other forms of payments from your clients. Businesses we approve in the credit repair industry include the following:

  • Credit Repair Companies
  • Credit Repair Websites
  • Credit Repair Businesses
  • Credit Repair Agencies
  • Business Credit Score Restoration
  • Consumer Credit Law Representation
  • Commercial Credit Score Building
  • Attorney-Based Credit Repair Services

We offer merchant accounts for credit repair companies that provide these products/services:

  • Credit Repair Consulting
  • Settlement Assistance
  • Credit History Repair
  • Credit Bureau Challenging
  • Dispute Processing
  • Credit Score and Credit Report Monitoring, and more

Get Your Merchant Account For Credit Repair Today!

Getting a credit repair merchant account is not an easy task because of the nature of credit repair industry. The good news is, reliable high-risk merchant services providers exist. For fast approval and hassle-free overall experience, get in touch with HRMA-LLC. Our application process is straightforward and we can answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Our high-risk merchant account services and tools will help your credit repair business to stay at the top of its game.

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