Narcotics and illegal drugs as well as addictive / psychotropic substances can cause negative effects and impacts for the wearer. The negative impact is definitely detrimental and has a very bad effect on mental and physical health. However, sometimes certain types of drugs are still used in the medical world, but are only given to certain patients, not for general consumption and free by the public. Therefore, drugs and narcotics that are misused can have various consequences.

You could say, drugs are destructive when abused or in excessive use. The dangers of drugs will greatly affect the body.

The following are the dangers of drugs for the organs of the addict’s body:

1. Disorders of the Brain

It doesn’t take long for the chemical compounds to be carried by the bloodstream to the brain and other organs. If it enters the brain, THC or chemical compounds of this drug will release large amounts of dopamine. This is what causes users to feel calmer, more comfortable or commonly referred to as ‘high’ or ‘fly’. In this phase, the user cannot think clearly because of the disruption of the information digestion process. In addition, users will also find it difficult to form or remember something when it is ‘high’. The dangers of drugs on the brain can interfere with nerves and can cause users to experience seizures, hallucinations to loss of consciousness and permanent brain damage.

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2. Disorders of the skin

Injecting drug users will generally experience skin-related disorders. The most common are skin disorders such as infections of the skin. Usually skin disorders occur in those who use drugs and can be seen from the bruises on the hands due to injections from these drugs. In general, the skin of drug addicts will look dull, wrinkled and look older than their actual age.

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3. Disorders of Liver Function

Using marijuana-type drugs can also cause a stinging or burning feeling in the mouth and throat. Moreover, if the drug is consumed by mouth, the liver or liver will process it quickly. The danger of this drug will cause liver function to be damaged if the drug is consumed in excess. Risks such as liver dysfunction or failure can occur in those who use drugs in the long term.

4. Heart Disorders

When taking drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, and ecstasy can cause an increase in catecholamine hormones that cause the heart to work harder. This will trigger a sudden increase in blood pressure, so the oxygen demand of the heart muscle will increase. When there is damage to the heart muscle, it will interfere with the pumping function of the heart, as well as heart rhythm disturbances, both the heart rate becomes very fast until the heart stops and can cause death.

5. Digestive System Disorders

From the detrimental effects it causes, some cases of drug abuse are also known to cause nausea and vomiting some time after consumption. Cocaine use can also cause stomach pain.You can visit no text.

6. Eye Disorders

Red eyes, difficulty sleeping, impaired vision perception and can cause accidents that are fatal for him.You can visit rehabilitation centres johannesburg to get information about the treatment of drug addiction.

7. Mouth Disorders

Drug users in general will experience problems in the oral cavity. The mouth will feel dry, stiff and speech impaired. The tongue will also experience stiffness and impaired tongue sensitivity, resulting in difficulty swallowing. Most addicts will also experience tooth decay and bad breath.

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