Social Media Marketing For A Fashion Brand

Marketing for fashion brands has changed massively over the years. They have also spent money on social media marketing to get the maximum exposure. Social media marketing seems to be the best way to advertise a fashion brand in 2022 however, many do it incorrectly.

If you have recently started a fashion brand and are looking for new and innovative ways to promote your business, social media might be your solution. Here is your guide to social media marketing in 2022.

Instagram and Hashtags

Marketing on Instagram has come a long way since the app was first launched. This app should be your first choice when advertising for a fashion brand. Furthermore, there is a lot that you can do with a fashion brand on Instagram as well.

A good hashtag can raise brand awareness as this is the algorithm that Instagram has been pushing. Moreover, if you want people to interact with your posts and visit your brand’s website, you need to use relevant and appropriate hashtags. It is pointless using #Tourism when you are selling streetwear for men.

To find the appropriate hashtags for your brand, search for clothing brands that sell similar clothes to you. Many brands will still use hashtags to increase the number of people that view their site. Another way to gather more hashtags is by clicking on posts that use some hashtags as they will have related ones to the hashtag you have searched for.

It isn’t just Instagram hashtags that are great for a fashion brand either. There are many other fantastic tools that you can use. One of those tools includes story highlights for your page. This is where you save any stories you feel are worth showing and highlight them at the top of your page. We suggest you use this for the different collections that you release.

We also suggest that you put other engaging content in this section such as behind the scenes. You will be surprised at the number of people that want to see what happens in the background of a fashion brand.


Facebook is another great platform that you should use for your brand. Furthermore, it is excellent for creating ads that can reach a new audience as well. With these ads, you can reach out to people who share similar interests to your brand or follow the lifestyle you believe your audience follows.

Another great thing about Facebook is that you can interact with your customers. They can leave comments and some collections leave reviews on your page. This is a great opportunity to show off your excellent customer service and keep in touch with your most loyal customers.

To Conclude

Several things can be done with your social media channels to ensure you are reaching new consumers. Paid advertising is your best way to reach a new audience and gain additional revenue for your company.

One final thing we will mention with social media is that you can use video footage to showcase new products. Again, videos of behind the scenes showcasing new tracksuits are a great way to produce engaging content for your followers.