The Most Environmentally Friendly Cities in Canada

In the 2020s, environmental friendliness is a global issue. You see international partnerships of nations working together to reduce carbon emissions and try to stop climate change from becoming worse.

While these efforts come about because world leaders have realized that everyone is in the problem of pollution together, it is also fair to say that the countries that join such agreements are proud of their own natural landscapes, as well, and want to preserve them for the future.

Canada, for its part, is the second-largest country in the world and is sometimes known as the Great White North. It’s a nation of absolutely gorgeous green spaces, snow and ice, mountains, valleys, and trees upon trees.

Given that, it’s no wonder Canadian cities put so much effort into going green. From hydroelectric power to the flourishing of green spaces, these Canadian cities are doing their utmost to provide a more sustainable future for their residents.

Vancouver, BC

For a long time, Vancouver in British Columbia worked to become the greenest city in the world by 2020. While that particular achievement did not occur, the city is still one of the most environmentally friendly on Earth.

Its Greenest City Action Plan has brought 93% of Vancouver’s electricity from hydroelectric sources. Vancouver residents make efforts to take bicycles or public transport where they can, and the city plans to reduce its garbage and use exclusively renewable energy over the next few decades.

It’s an ambitious plan, and it’s one reason so many people have been scooping up homes for sale in Vancouver lately.

Montreal, QC

Montreal in Canada’s Quebec province is another longtime supporter of green, sustainable living. It has supported green initiatives since at least the 1990s.

Like Vancouver, the residents of Montreal enjoy an optimized public-transport system and also enjoy the use of bicycles.

Another interesting statistic about Montreal is that 85% of the homes in the city use electric power exclusively, hydroelectric power, to be exact. That means that 85% of homes in this city of 1.78 million don’t put out carbon dioxide. That’s a win for the environment.

Calgary, AB

We round off this list with a very special mention of Calgary, Alberta. If you know much about Canada, then you know Alberta is famous for its oil production, not always an environmentally clean practice.

However, don’t let that fool you. Calgary is as environmentally friendly as they come. Its main claim to fame is in its reduction of water waste. Through the optimization of its water and sewage systems, Calgary has been able to cut water leakage and even convinces the population of this importance; Calgary residents use less water than the national average of water usage.

Add this to the fact that the city employs a public transport system and has plenty of outdoor green spaces, and you’ve got a city that’s making a real effort for the environment.

Canada may be the Great White North, but it’s plenty green, too! Give it a chance and you’ll see what we mean.

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