Ways to Reach CEOs at Large Corporations

When you wish to pitch to the CEOs of any company, email is the ideal way to reach out to them. And with vast information available on the internet, you would see that finding the email addresses of chief executive officers is a tough row to hoe.

Though LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can connect with or follow other professionals, you may not be able to message everyone without being connected. Some users control who can send them messages; LinkedIn has such features to allow users to have such control. And if you are not connected, you lose an opportunity there to get in touch with them.

Then, how to find a ceo email address?

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, email search tools like GetEmail.io locate the email address of anyone on the planet in a few seconds. 


The GetEmail.io search tool has scanned many sites to understand the general email format of millions of organizations. And now it recreates your prospect’s professional email address.  

It is reported that this search tool generates results that are accurate 90{a913e8830785202aa9584ffd0279db01f7dedf83effc82207b87e94894a36006} of the time. 

And the best part is you can use this for free and get ten credits every month. However, if you wish to build a list of many CEOs’ email addresses, you should opt for the paid versions.

There are other search tools as well, such as hunter.io, snov.io, etc.

Among all the available tools, you must choose the one that offers you great value for the money you pay and accurate results.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

You can send joining requests to social media groups related to your niche or where your target prospects would be spending most of their time socializing. And you must use this platform to mingle with the CEOs you wish to target and try to make a sales pitch. 

You may ask them for advice or suggestions, discuss essential industry matters, share the success and failure experiences. By doing so, you are leaving a good impression on them, and also, they will apprehend who you are and how you can be helpful to them. In the future, when they look for something that you offer, they are sure to get back to you, or they can also refer you to other industry leaders.

Use Phone instead of Laptop 

Most CEOs read their emails on a smartphone or tablet. If it takes them to scroll down to read an email from an unknown person, it’s not going to get read.

Hence, keep this in mind as you draft the email and use the smartphone; This will let you know how it will appear to them (the recipient, CEOs). 

Final Thoughts

Finding the CEO’s email address can be tricky. If you know the first name, last name, and company they work for, using GetEmail.io is ideal for locating accurate email id information.

Did you find this helpful? What other techniques did you try?